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Welcome to Confessions of a Local Florist Blog! This is an exciting new venture for me and my Floral Shop. I hope to be able to share my journey through the flower business, my creative passion and hopefully inspire others along the way.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Get Your Last Minute Christmas Flowers!!

There is still time to order your Christmas flowers from Abbott Florist in Turnersville, NJ.

Just a reminder as you get ready to order those holiday flowers there is a company on the internet that poses as us under the name of Abbotts Florist. Their website is http://www.abbottsflorist.com/ -strikingly close to ours, they are an order gathering website and will have information regarding flowers in Turnersville, NJ but they are not us and are not located in NJ, they are located in Texas! To ensure you get the quality customer service you have come to expect from us please be sure you give us a call at 856-728-3939 or visit our website at http://www.abbottflorist.com/, you know you have the right site when you see all of the magenta backgrounds. Be sure to bookmark us in your favorites to revisit us again in the future : )

We have lots of floral arrangements for Christmas time and other December holidays as well. From carry out bunches to Poinsettias, centerpieces, sleighs and so much more. Stop by the store and take a look, we have something for everyone. Or try the arrangement in the photo. You can also shop our website 24 hours.
Have a safe and wonderful Holiday!

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