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Welcome to Confessions of a Local Florist Blog! This is an exciting new venture for me and my Floral Shop. I hope to be able to share my journey through the flower business, my creative passion and hopefully inspire others along the way.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Valentine's Day already?? No not really, but as a florist we have to start preparing today! And now that Abbott Florist is the only floral shop in all of Washington Twp, NJ which includes Sewell and Turnersville we are certain to have a busy February.

We have also created a new way to get to our website, there seems to be some confusion with our customers and a not so local floral shop in Illinois that shares a similar name with ours. So to make sure you get to our website, visit http://www.wtpflorist.com/.

One of our weekend tasks was to photograph our Valentine inventory of plush stuffed animals. The store is full a wide variety of stuffed animals. Check out the slideshow at the upper right of the screen to see the plush animals we have the most of. It was quite a task trying to photograph these little buggers. They moved around more than a 2 year old! We eventually got the job done though. We definately have lots to choose from with some making noises, some singing songs (even a "I'm Too Sexy" gorilla) and some "wild" monkeys. We will have some up on our shop website soon, so if you are getting ready to order some roses for that special someone this Valentine's Day don't forget to add on an adorable bear.
Off to plan some more!

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